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Tech River provides Business Development and Marketing Communications Services for Israeli high tech companies. We are the Organizers of the IsraelStartupNetwork a group of over 4450 entrepreneurs. Our partners include TheECOAccelerator (ECO) where we blog about Silicon Wadi and contribute tweets about Israeli startups as part of a Twitter Power Team.

Tech River Services

Business Development

Global Partners, Representatives, and Customers.

Marketing Communications

Brochures, Company Profiles, Website Content, Newsletters, Articles, Ads, Press Releases, PPTs, Names, Slogans.

Business Plans, Executive Summaries, One-Pagers

IsraelStartupNetwork (ISN)

We are the volunteer Organizers of ISN - a group of over 4450 Israeli entrepreneurs. We provide information, connections, and opportunities, hold informative and networking events, update members on pertinent issues, and partner with relevant organizations. In addition to the ISN blog and ISN Facebook page, we maintain a Silicon Wadi blog on TheECOAccelerator, and tweet about startups via a Power Team there.
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Opportunities and Special Deals

Outsource Your On-going Online & Social Media Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Top Expert in the US offers the following: Basic Offer: Interview/Needs Analysis/Monthly Strategy Sessions, Identifying/finding your target market on social media most appropriate to you, Setup/operating that social media, Crafting/Re-crafting your daily messaging, Engaging target market through social media - all for the main purpose of lead generation and strengthening your online subject matter expertise. Fee: $1250/month (Minimum 6 months required) Additional Services: Additional services available for separate payment include: Research and selecting Keywords, Building blog/website, Creating content plan, SEO, Structuring Conversion of marketing to sales, Product launching, Turning your single site into a members platform for your community of strategic partners, vendors, employees and customers. For contact details: arlene at tech-river dot com

Featured Company

Neto Kids is a social network for elementary schools - a platform for all educational activities and a safe social network, free of bullying and advertising - where kids, teachers and parents can stay in touch and share content.


We have expanded a number of our partnerships – which will provide additional opportunities for our startup companies – both for business development and funding. Our plans include pitches via focused webinars and video conferencing – targeting potential North American, European, and Chinese partners and investors. Specifics will be shared here – and on the IsraelStartupNetwork Meetup site – as plans progress.